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The Girly Book Club – Worldwide

9 Sep

Welcome!! This is the NEW blog for the Girly book Club Worldwide. If you’re not familiar with us then read on – you’ll WANT to be!

The group originally started in 2008 in London, England. We now have our sights set on WORLD domination in the Girly Book Club Sphere. Since then we’ve expanded and operate clubs in Denver/Colorado, Oklahoma City/Oklahoma, New York/New York, San Francisco/California, Wellington/New Zealand, Perth/Australia, Melbourne/Australia, Toronto/Canada, Hong Kong, and of course London/England our Flagship club.

We’re so excited to be operating worldwide and are overflowing with plans for the future of our clubs.

The clubs all read the same book at the same time and then we meet in our individual cities to discuss the book, it’s great to have an international perceptive but what’s more interesting is meeting others with similar interests as us and having a plot to start building a friendship on.

So, we want you to participate in our blog! We’ll be reviewing books each week – talking about what’s going on with the book club, looking at the cities we operate in, guest blogging, just all round interesting stuff.