The Spare Room By Helen Garner. September’s Book Club Choice.

9 Sep


HEAVY, heavy heavy.

The story of a women (Nicola) who goes to visit her friend in Melbourne (OZ) for alternative cancer treatment and the three weeks of pain and agony both her and her friend (Helen) go through during that time.

The treatment is obviously a hoax from the beginning but Nicola so wants to believe in something and she can’t seem to accept that she’s dying. I don’t think you can know just want that’s like unless you’ve ever been in that situation. I can deeply emphasis with her need to cling to hope. But I can also see how it looks so futile from Helen’s point of view. Draining her friend of both financial resources and the time she does have left.

It’s a good quick read, definitely not the most uplifting read – as Nicola goes on to die in the end. But it doesn’t pay true testament to how important friendships are and the lengths we will go to for a true friend. It wasn’t hard to get into and although it wasn’t a massive page turner by any stretch of the imagination I had no problem finishing it quickly.

Where to read this book? 

You could read it in one sitting if you wanted. Maybe a good choice for a flight or transit to work – I wouldn’t take it on holiday with you!


One Response to “The Spare Room By Helen Garner. September’s Book Club Choice.”

  1. Jean MacIntyre September 11, 2012 at 1:22 am #

    We’ll done Erin !

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