What am I reading today???

22 Sep

Well I had a lot of time to read this morning… why do I do this to myself, I guess I am a sucker for a deal and found myself in a new hair dresser’s chair. The place was freezing cold and as I shivered they put me in the corner with a free “treatment” on my head for 20 minutes as my stylist finished up with another customer. I guess I would have been more concerned had I believe the “treatment” wasn’t just another round of conditioner but I was getting more annoyed that my friend was meeting me in 30 minutes clear across the city for brunch and I was getting no where fast.

But did have time to start and get through the first 100 pages of Rachel Johnson’s Winter Games. An advance copy courtesy of Penguin. I am considering it for an author event for November. So far so good, the author tells the story from two protagonist’s point of view – the grandmother and her grand daughter at two completely different times pre-world war two and present day (well 2006). It could be a really good event as I am always so amazed when authors can keep that sort of story straight without getting completely confused.

We’ll see how it goes… lesson of the day “deals aren’t always good” I say this with a lopsided fringe!


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