Welcome to Panem! The Hunger Games

26 Sep

I loved the Hunger Games, the books were SO MUCH better than the movie.. but the movie was still good. I really do recommend them. Okay, it’s not the literature of Tolstoy or Dickens but they are all really good, Imagecan’t put down novels and I think Suzanne Collins did a really excellent job of writing novels that would cross a lot of demographics. My parents, brother and many friends have read them all with varying reviews but mostly good. I always enjoy reading books I can discuss with loads of different people.

I think it’s the premise that makes them so interesting – something completely different and shocking. It’s like watching a car crash without being able to turn away but being horrified at the same time. The thought that the “Capitol” could host such truly morbid “games” makes you want to read on and on. You’re rooting for Katniss from the very beginning when she volunteers in her sister’s place, a completely selfish act. The romance aspect between her, Peeta and Gale just adds another element of excitement as the ever popular “Twilight” triangle comes into play. Team Peeta or Team Gale? Both with a different set of remarkable qualities – I found myself switching from one to the other as the books went on…..

If you haven’t read them and think they are too mainstream for you, I’d give them a go. I really enjoyed them – having said that, I also really enjoy Twilight so maybe that says something. I was not a Shades of Grey fan if that’s at all redeeming!


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