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Books you don’t want to miss!

27 Oct

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The Great Gatsby – Review

22 Oct

Well, I finished it last night. Normally I would have read the book in advance of approving it as a Book Club choice – but in this particular situation I thought it was a pretty safe bet. And it was.

I enjoyed it – the tragic tale of an all-consuming love. Apparently F. Scott Fitzgerald life’s masterpiece, and since I haven’t heard of any of his other books I guess that would be the case. He was criticised at the time for dumbing down his
writing and trying to appeal to a large consumer base. As oppose to his other contemporaries who were writing stories that no one would ever read because their level of English in the 1920’s was way above the average punter’s capabilities. Having said that, even this book must have fallen in that category for most.

I did enjoy the book, it was an interesting twist at the end – and although I won’t spoil it for those who have yet to finish it – I was expecting it. I did think something was up when Tom originally took Gatsby’s car when they went to town. I’d like to hear what others thought of the story – especially the character Daisy. Was she just a product of her time? I can’t really imagine women being as she was today. Also Jordan, she was another character that really held my interest. That Nick could be so interested/uninterested in her and for her to go on as is seemed to completely fly in the face of tradition at that time when people courted one another and married immediately.

I am happy it was a book club choice because it’s always been a book I wanted to read – mission accomplished! Thanks Nashville.


Sneak Peak of New Book Club Photos!

21 Oct

J.K. Rowling Crosses Over to the Adult World

19 Oct

No, I haven’t read it … but I am chomping at the bit to get a copy. I’ve asked for one … but still waiting .. ho hum. Anyone else read it?

I only read one Harry Potter Novel but the sheer brilliance of it did not escape even me.. also saw a few of the movies but it sort of got to the point where I was which one have I seen, and then how do you go back and watch when you saw 1,3 and say movie 6? I think you’re screwed.

Anyway, I am very interested in seeing how well her style crosses over into the Adult World. The Casual Vacancy, released last week. I’ve read the reviews and it’s not looking great but I want a chance to review it myself.

It’s almost a question of WHY? When you do something so well, why bother putting yourself on the line in a completely different genre? The truth is it was never going to be as well received as her children’s books. Yet, I supposed that’s all part of life, trying something new and with the death of Harry Potter (I mean the end of the books – I don’t actually know if he dies in the end?) she must have found herself at a loose end. But it must have been so nerve racking to write an adult fiction novel after having Harry Potter under her belt. Which has sold more than 400 million copies and become the best selling book series in history. She’s now worth over £550 million.

I’ll write another post once I’ve actually read the book and let you know if I think it was worth the paper it was written on. Until then… happy reading!

The Girly Book Club and all the men in my life…

13 Oct

Facebook Post this morning: Feel like I am on the edge, ready to jump and hoping to god I can fly!

I had a SKYPE call with the men in my life today – regarding none other than “the girly book club”… my graphic designer, website programmer and business partner .. the brains behind what will become, but sadly I am the only woman.. I think I need more estrogen to push this project forward… what do you think?

I made my business partner join the group on Facebook, much to his chagrin, he is the only boy in the group – but he needs to know what’s going on. Lol.

So I had this call with the three of them, and I sorta like being the only woman.. when you’re the only women you feel a bit like you can be the center of attention. Either way, I think it was a good call. discussing the future of the club and our plans for the website that we should soon start to build. Exciting times. I was also told today that I should start making book review videos! Good thing I am not shy.

I am going to be so busy blogging over the next few months that I don’t know when I’ll have time to read anything, I finished my advance copy of Winter Games by Rachel Johnson. She might be able to come to our November meeting. It was a good book and I think it would be a good discussion so stay tuned for that London. Also, need to find a new venue for October, I want to try something new, anyone got any ideas?

alright, have a good weekend fellow bookworms…

Book Review: The Godless Boys by Naomi Wood

9 Oct

I recently read the Godless Boys by Naomi Wood. It’s a bit of a tricky book to get into, I wasn’t immediately captured by the story, and it’s the sort of the book where you expect to be. It’s not a literary master piece but rather an intriguing plot. They say all books/movies are the same, if you read one you’ve read them all… as they are all going the same place, using the same tricks of the trade but I felt like this was a new perspective and came from a path I’d not yet been down.

The story takes place on an island off of England – I felt like it could be Jersey or Guernsey although they never do name it… but it’s where they sent all the people who no longer supported the church in the 50’s. The people who (claimed to) support the church remained on the mainland (England) but this is years later and it seems that England may not be as god fearing as it once was, yet all the people remain on the island living a rather simple, boring life.

The story focuses on a couple of main characters, namely a young girl who’s come over to find  her mother who was sent to the island years before when there was a revolution against England/The Church. Her mother was in charge of driving the get away vehicle for two men who burned down a church and as a result killed a man. We never really find out much about her mother or why she did what she did.

The premise is interesting but I almost feel like it didn’t go deep enough into why any of it was happening or delve deep enough into the main themes of the story, instead it told the story of several of the people on the island which to be fair were interesting enough… I would recommend it, Give it a go! 7/10

Busy Days

6 Oct

I used to commute to work so I had plenty of time to read – now I live about 7 minutes from the office which is heaven and really unheard of (especially in London) but sadly I have very little time to read if I take the train into Victoria. It’s so quick that it’s almost not worth getting my book out of my bag, besides the fact that I think reading on the train makes you look mysterious and slightly more attractive (Yes, they can read! Bonus!), which is a look I am of course always going for. So reading is left to before bed, weekends and the bathtub. It’s funny how you can actually miss that 30 minutes you used to have of uninterrupted reading, I don’t even leave for work later – I just get there earlier and work longer. I think the answer is maybe to wake up and read for 15 minutes before getting out of bed each morning, I reckon that’s a great start to any day.