Busy Days

6 Oct

I used to commute to work so I had plenty of time to read – now I live about 7 minutes from the office which is heaven and really unheard of (especially in London) but sadly I have very little time to read if I take the train into Victoria. It’s so quick that it’s almost not worth getting my book out of my bag, besides the fact that I think reading on the train makes you look mysterious and slightly more attractive (Yes, they can read! Bonus!), which is a look I am of course always going for. So reading is left to before bed, weekends and the bathtub. It’s funny how you can actually miss that 30 minutes you used to have of uninterrupted reading, I don’t even leave for work later – I just get there earlier and work longer. I think the answer is maybe to wake up and read for 15 minutes before getting out of bed each morning, I reckon that’s a great start to any day. 


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