Book Review: The Godless Boys by Naomi Wood

9 Oct

I recently read the Godless Boys by Naomi Wood. It’s a bit of a tricky book to get into, I wasn’t immediately captured by the story, and it’s the sort of the book where you expect to be. It’s not a literary master piece but rather an intriguing plot. They say all books/movies are the same, if you read one you’ve read them all… as they are all going the same place, using the same tricks of the trade but I felt like this was a new perspective and came from a path I’d not yet been down.

The story takes place on an island off of England – I felt like it could be Jersey or Guernsey although they never do name it… but it’s where they sent all the people who no longer supported the church in the 50’s. The people who (claimed to) support the church remained on the mainland (England) but this is years later and it seems that England may not be as god fearing as it once was, yet all the people remain on the island living a rather simple, boring life.

The story focuses on a couple of main characters, namely a young girl who’s come over to find  her mother who was sent to the island years before when there was a revolution against England/The Church. Her mother was in charge of driving the get away vehicle for two men who burned down a church and as a result killed a man. We never really find out much about her mother or why she did what she did.

The premise is interesting but I almost feel like it didn’t go deep enough into why any of it was happening or delve deep enough into the main themes of the story, instead it told the story of several of the people on the island which to be fair were interesting enough… I would recommend it, Give it a go! 7/10


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