The Great Gatsby – Review

22 Oct

Well, I finished it last night. Normally I would have read the book in advance of approving it as a Book Club choice – but in this particular situation I thought it was a pretty safe bet. And it was.

I enjoyed it – the tragic tale of an all-consuming love. Apparently F. Scott Fitzgerald life’s masterpiece, and since I haven’t heard of any of his other books I guess that would be the case. He was criticised at the time for dumbing down his
writing and trying to appeal to a large consumer base. As oppose to his other contemporaries who were writing stories that no one would ever read because their level of English in the 1920’s was way above the average punter’s capabilities. Having said that, even this book must have fallen in that category for most.

I did enjoy the book, it was an interesting twist at the end – and although I won’t spoil it for those who have yet to finish it – I was expecting it. I did think something was up when Tom originally took Gatsby’s car when they went to town. I’d like to hear what others thought of the story – especially the character Daisy. Was she just a product of her time? I can’t really imagine women being as she was today. Also Jordan, she was another character that really held my interest. That Nick could be so interested/uninterested in her and for her to go on as is seemed to completely fly in the face of tradition at that time when people courted one another and married immediately.

I am happy it was a book club choice because it’s always been a book I wanted to read – mission accomplished! Thanks Nashville.


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