Guest Blog: The Pleasures of Winter authors discuss their fave books!

12 Nov

New book, The Pleasures of Winter appears to be written by Author Evie Hunter or at least that is what it says on the cover. It’s actually a joint effort by authors: Eileen Gormley and Caroline McCall. I am pleased to have a guest blog from both authors, below they discuss their favourite books.

Caroline’s favourite book:

My favourite book is Victorious Star by Morgan Hawke.  This sexy, futuristic fantasy has two hot male heroes –  the genetically enhanced Captain Ravnos and his first officer, Seht. The heroine, Victoria Stark, is a battleship nav-pilot, with a reputation for never losing a ship or servicing a captain.

When the Hellsbreath loses its nav-pilot just before a dangerous mission, Ravnos and Seth need a replacement fast. Victoria’s first encounter with her new superior officers is as close to a forced seduction as I’ve ever read.  Skeldhi prince, Seht, specialises in erotic discipline and Ravnos rules his ship with an iron fist.  The clash of three strong-willed characters leads to a smoking hot erotic power struggle, as Victoria is drawn into a relationship with two very complex men.

To secure her freedom, she agrees to go undercover as Prince Seht’s Rehkyt, or pet – part bodyguard, part concubine. In Skeldhi culture Victoria is viewed as little more than a toy. While this gives her the freedom to complete her mission she’s not sure if she can ever return to her old life.

This dark ménage is not for the faint-hearted  but the world build is unique and the story races along at a cracking place to a thrilling finale.

Eileen’s favourite book:

One of my favourite books, and one I keep going back to when I want inspiration for combining adventure with steamy romance is Master of Dragons by Angela Knight.

As far as I’m concerned, this book has it all: dragons, knights of the Round Table, terrifying monsters, fairies (nasty and nice), garlic bread, werewolves, a fabulous love story and enough kinky sex to steam up a greenhouse.

Kel is a yummy hero. He’s a forty-foot, fire-breathing dragon, who has just spent hundreds of years magically locked in a sword and not killing his best friend. He is now a knight of the Round Table (you did know that King Arthur was a vampire, didn’t you?) and enjoying his freedom.

Nineva is a fairy princess, descended from a goddess who is still locked in a sword, and the only way to release her great-great-great-grandmother is to have lots and lots of hot sex with a blue dragon. It’s just a pity that all the prophesies say this blue dragon is going to breath flame at her and fry her like a chicken wing. And that her death is necessary to protect earth from an attack of the Dark Ones, seriously nasty creatures who feed off death magic.

This is a love story that I can’t stop rereading.


One Response to “Guest Blog: The Pleasures of Winter authors discuss their fave books!”

  1. Caroline McCall December 8, 2012 at 1:30 pm #

    Thanks so much for having us. It was great to chat about the books we love.

    (one half of Evie Hunter)

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