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Getting Older

20 Feb

ImageIt was my birthday this past week – it wasn’t the best I have to say… but then birthdays are always a bit like New Year’s Eve, there is always way too much expectation. Also when you’re in your thirties I think they tend to be a bit downmarket. I had a nice meal on Saturday with 18 close friends – cheese fondue! That was nice. I don’t really feel like I am old – I wonder what age it is that you actually say to yourself – “OK, so this is how old feels”. Maybe 50 – isn’t that mid life crisis age?

Anyway, I think in your 30’s you’ve still got some time to sort out your stuff. If you’re in your 30’s and you have your career sorted out, I mean found exactly what you want to do with your life, you’re ahead of 50% of your peers. I remember working jobs where I’d watch the clock praying for time to somehow go faster. I love my job now and I feel so fortunate – I also love that I spend a lot of my free time working on my true love – my book club. If I get lucky in this lifetime then I’ll trade in my PR hat for full time book club founder, and I’ll be alright with that. So Happy Birthday to me!


Watch this space!

Wool by Hugh Howey – Book Review

10 Feb

ImageWool – really, I mean Wool like what you use to knit, or is that yarn? Either way, it’s a new book. Written by Hugh Howey. The fist bit of the book was self published in 2011 by Howey using Amazon Kindle’s direct publishing system. It’s since been bought as a movie deal (20th century Fox) and also Simon and Schuster have bought the book to re-print it, I think. If you go onto Amazon you can buy it and there is also a prequel on there called Shift. To be honest, I am completely confused. I got an advance copy from S&S and it comes in 5 books of various sizes… 1 being the smallest and 5 the largest all telling the story of a different character. It’s definitely science fiction which isn’t normally a book I’d read but it seems to be a trending genre and this book is about to become the most talked about series, I think it has Hunger Games if not, Twilight appeal.

I am on Book 5 so I am not sure how it ends just yet but the main premise of the book, post-apocalyptic earth is that society is condemned to live in silos and have done for for such a time that they don’t even realize there is any other place to live but in silos. War breaks out and well – I won’t spoil it for you.

I think it’s worth a peek…

Poll – Vote for the Girly Book Club’s NEW logo!!!

3 Feb

Hi ladies,

Help us choose our new logo! Please vote for either A or B logo in the color of your choice. Click each image to enlarge.

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The London Girly Book Club

2 Feb

Check out the London Girly Book Club’s January Meeting at Tibits in Central London – what a great event with over 70 women in attendance!