Wool by Hugh Howey – Book Review

10 Feb

ImageWool – really, I mean Wool like what you use to knit, or is that yarn? Either way, it’s a new book. Written by Hugh Howey. The fist bit of the book was self published in 2011 by Howey using Amazon Kindle’s direct publishing system. It’s since been bought as a movie deal (20th century Fox) and also Simon and Schuster have bought the book to re-print it, I think. If you go onto Amazon you can buy it and there is also a prequel on there called Shift. To be honest, I am completely confused. I got an advance copy from S&S and it comes in 5 books of various sizes… 1 being the smallest and 5 the largest all telling the story of a different character. It’s definitely science fiction which isn’t normally a book I’d read but it seems to be a trending genre and this book is about to become the most talked about series, I think it has Hunger Games if not, Twilight appeal.

I am on Book 5 so I am not sure how it ends just yet but the main premise of the book, post-apocalyptic earth is that society is condemned to live in silos and have done for for such a time that they don’t even realize there is any other place to live but in silos. War breaks out and well – I won’t spoil it for you.

I think it’s worth a peek…


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