New York, New York

14 Apr

I was just in New York this past week – I met some of the wonderful women from the New York Girly Book Club and we held an author event with Charles Dubow, who recently published his first novel Indiscretion. A very talented man – who fortunately for me, and more for him wrote a very gripping novel about a family separated by deceit and betrayal. His book was recently chosen by Oprah as a “Must Read” for February, which I am sure hasn’t hurt sales.

indiscretionIt was really great to get behind the story and find out the answers to some of our most pressing questions – such as why the switch ending? What really happened to Harry? Was this what Walter actually wanted? His take on Claire was also very interesting. Was he himself a pilot? How much was based on real life? Was it a difficult transition going from a journalist (for and Business Week) to a fiction writer? All answered.

One of the most interesting subjects he spoke to was how he had a special place in his mind – a place that he grew up and loved and he build the story around that place as oppose to choosing a place to fit the narrative.

Charles next book is already written – stay tuned, it’s likely to be another page turner.


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