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The Future Book Club Books, How we Choose and How you can Help!

5 Mar

I know what the next three months books are for book club – we plan ahead – we plan even further ahead than that – but it’s a secret. We want to give you enough time to read them of course, and appreciate some people read faster than others, we also appreciate that if I tell you what the next month’s book is today it’s not necessarily that you’ll go out buy it and start reading it within the next 48 hours. You may well click onto Amazon.co.uk and check it out, you might read an online review or ask a colleague about it. You might have read it. We’re hoping you haven’t. We’re hoping it grabs hold of you and even if you may not normally pick it up – we hope you do because it’s a book club book and you should get involved. Be involved. We think it’s going to be the next big thing – we know a thing or two about these types of things… it’s taken us years and we have a lot of help … but we think we’re heading in the right direction… but we still need your help – found a hidden GEM? We want to know about it, we need to know about it! There are some criteria, as there always is with things like these. For one it has to be available in paperback worldwide – if it’s not we still want to know about it – we can wait. Second it has to be a new book! We too liked Bridgette’s Jones Diary and To Kill a Hummingbird but we’d rather leave those best sellers in the past – we recommend you read them but probably not with us!

So let us know! Email us: Erin@thegirlybookclub.com