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Easter – Books – Bits & Bats

1 Apr

Happy Holidays! I hope, wherever you are – the Easter bunny found you. He found me – several times and as a result I am most certainly a heavier version of myself than I was 4 days ago.  I spent the lovely 4 day holiday (that the UK government affords us each year at Easter) in London, mostly only a couple km radius from my flat. Catching up …

Easter EggCatching up on .. reading, sleep, cleaning, sorting, exercising, work, shopping, movies and of course friends.

If you’re based in a worldwide hub like London, it’s almost painful to turn down the opportunity to jet off someplace warm at Easter – to take advantage of the holiday and go a little further afield than you could for a weekend. But I travel a lot for work – so I didn’t want to do anything besides bunker down at home and accomplish some things that have been on the do-to list for way too long.

I hope, if you didn’t jet off for some long overdue sun that you spent the time with family and friends – and to our Global friends – move to the UK – you get 4 days off a Easter 🙂

Side Note: I finished the book for an Author Event I’ll be attending in New York next week, GREAT BOOK. Indiscretion by Charles Dubow, it had me guessing at every turn – I recommend it.